Genius at work? (ABC)

“GH” Rundown for the week of November 26-30:

The shenanigans just kept going in Port Charles, with a whole new cast of old characters joining in on the fun.

The return of the vets.
AJ’s return from the dead must have been the all clear to release a torrent of familiar faces on Port Charles. Tracy has had her guard up with everyone lately and could use Ned as an ally. Skye is a piece of work too, and I couldn’t help but love her exchange with Todd when she had to remind him that she seemed familiar to him because he once tried to frame her for murder. Hilarious.

Kristina and Trey.
Whatever happened to Joe’s shop in New Orleans? Is there nothing for this kid? I get that times are hard, but Kristina did point out he has a degree from Yale. Sure, it’s in film making but it’s Yale! Kristina seemed very sincere about letting go of the bitterness she has towards her family and growing up. I guess having a gun held to your head can really help you straighten out your priorities.

The will.
So they have done the math quite enough times for us to realize that AJ, with Michael, would tie Tracy in family backers for control of ELQ. Heather might have done something with the will when she broke in, but since Diane drew it up she would have known if there were changes. Poster Wat Fan said, “Diane may have taken on questionable clients but that is her business – whoever has money. But Diane has never ever done anything illegal for any of them and very pointedly has said she wouldn’t ever do an illegal act to keep them safe. So as far as I’m concerned the will should be completely legit.” It is hard to believe that Edward would have cut Tracy out, but Skye did reveal that he knew about Tracy laundering money through ELQ. It should be pretty comedic to see how Tracy and AJ try to lure Sam to their side.

Pickle-Lila relish.
If Tracy was looking for a meaning behind the relish, she probably had to go no further than the story she told about how selling it is what brought ELQ back in the black once upon a time. There has to be something there.

Michael was really starting to bother me with all of his judgements against Carly and Sonny. Not that he is wrong, but come on. He wanted in the family business! He was kidnapped by AJ! In my mind he came off immature and indecisive and a little selfish. Poster ranshoma said, “Michael is a disloyal baby. He has witnessed Connie’s craziness, Sonny’s hurt, and a failed justice system.” But there are just as many people who are rallying behind this new Michael. “I think Michael finally is growing up and has his eyes open for the first time in his life,” said poster Bettie Davis. “He finally sees what his parents have done and what they are like. People change throughout their life and that is what Michael’s doing.” Maybe he needs a rival for Starr’s affections to bring out that confident side of him again. Meanwhile, Starr had her own thing going on and should maybe work for Todd scouting authors for his publishing house, considering she won’t have anything to do with Johnny.

Kissing Duke.
Anna was struggling with her feelings for Duke because when she kissed him, something was off. Uh, that’s because you were kissing the latex lips of a smoking evil genius. That might be one reason.