Doomed from the start.

Carly saw a photo of Blair’s fiancé Tomas this week and realized he looked exactly like her presumed dead ex Lorenzo Alcazar. Coming up, she’ll enlist Skye and Todd to get to the bottom of things by paying Blair a visit in Llanview. But before that happens, refresh your memory on Carly and Alcazar’s past.

Lorenzo Alcazar came to Port Charles in 2003 after his brother Luis was killed. He was immediate enemies with Sonny and became fixated on Mr. Sir’s wife Carly (then played by Tamara Braun) after he partnered with Ric Lansing, who had kidnapped her. When a guilt ridden Ric wanted to let Carly go, Alcazar took Carly for himself. He kept her on his yacht as he tried to negotiate moving drugs through Sonny’s territory. Alcazar treated her well and the two started to bond before Carly was rescued.

Back in Port Charles, Alcazar was on hand when Carly went into labor in an empty house during a storm. When Sonny arrived, he heard Carly scream and assumed Alcazar was hurting her. He shot at Lorenzo, but hit Carly instead. Carly passed out after giving birth and fell into a coma due to the gunshot wound to the head. While incapacitated, Carly dreamt about an alternate reality where she and Lorenzo were together and Sonny was the bad guy trying to break them up.

When Carly woke up, she had feelings for Lorenzo, which eclipsed anything she felt for Sonny and their family. Carly tried to make it work with Sonny, but couldn’t deny her attraction to Lorenzo. Other events surrounding the pair included Jason kidnapping Alcazar, Sonny meeting Sam and Faith Roscoe plotting against Carly.

Despite them eventually getting married, when Carly was played by Jennifer Bransford, the two didn’t last. Carly was in the middle of a breakdown after all, but do you remember what initially led Carly to give into her attraction to Lorenzo? Vote below and keep watching “GH” to find out what, if any, connection Tomas has to Alcazar.