Classic Edward.

The Quartermaine patriarch Edward passed away this week on “General Hospital.” Though his family gathered to mourn him, he wasn’t always the most beloved member of the Q family. Edward had a long history of trying to manipulate just about every member of his family, many of whom were after the Q fortune.

In 2002, he made a deal to make a member of his family the sole heir if they would get him info on Jasper Jacks’ holdings. The family member initially agreed, but eventually wanted out of the deal. Ever the schemer, Edward said he made copies of their contract. He then had a stroke and fell into a coma.

After being outted about their deal with Edward, the family member feared they pulled Edward’s plug in a drunken stupor. As par for the course with Edward, he was faking the coma and pulled his own plug in order to set up his kin.

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