Kidnappings and explosions courtesy of Faison.

This week, it was revealed that Duke wasn’t really Duke, but the evil Cesar Faison. Robin recoiled in horror upon seeing the man who wreaked havoc on Port Charles and was obsessed with her mother.

Faison came to the canvas in 1990 as the head of the DVX crime cartel. However, his focus on Anna went far back when his mother was her nanny. As an adult, Anna tried to take his organization down when she was a member of the WSB. In an effort to do so, she infiltrated the DVX working as a double agent. Anna was married to Robert at the time and was forced to betray him in order to prove her loyalty to Faison.

When Faison saw Robin, he imagined having a life with Anna and her little girl. He got so far as to become engaged to Anna, but she was only going along with it to gather information on him. She was unsuccessful and eventually returned to Robert. Rejected, Faison kidnapped Anna, Robin and Casey the alien, but they were eventually freed and Anna still wanted nothing to do with him.

Faison went on to create a new cartel and focused on the Quartermaines, forcing Paul Hornsby to marry Tracy Quartermaine. He planned to kill Tracy so Paul would inherit her ELQ stocks. However, Bill Eckert wormed his way into Faison’s cartel and along with Anna, Paul, Robert and Sean Donely, prevented Faison from carrying out any dastardly plans, including releasing a deadly gas on Port Charles.

Anna was kidnapped yet again by Faison and brought to a boat in South America. When Robert showed up, the boat exploded and the three were presumed dead.

The Port Charles villain returned once again to help Helena kidnap and brainwash Lucky Spencer. He also kidnapped Felicia Jones. Luke was able to rescue Felicia and learned from Faison that Lucky was alive. Before he could relay any more details, Mac fired shots at the boat Faison was on, which of course blew up. The last time he was seen was in 2000.

Of course, Faison didn’t die in that explosion either. On November 12, 2012, Faison revealed to Robin that he was attempting to finally win Anna’s heart by pretending to be a man she did love. Is another boat explosion in his future when he’s found out? Keep watching to find out…

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– Lori Wilson