Father figure.

This week, Sabrina revealed to Elizabeth that Juan Santiago was her cousin. If you’ll recall, Juan was the biological son of Lily Rivera and Miguel Morez, but was raised by an adoptive family in Puerto Rico. He was also Emily Quartermaine’s boyfriend.

Juan ran away to Port Charles in 1999 in search of his father. He thought that man was Sonny Corinthos, who was married to Lily at the time of her death years earlier. Juan fell in love with Emily, despite resistance from their families. They were eventually successful in getting their parental figures to let them date and Juan’s adoptive father allowed him to stay in Port Charles with a guardian.

Despite their bond, Juan kissed another girl, Amanda Barrington, and Emily fell for bad boy Zander Smith. Juan, who began singing for L&B Records, left town in 2001 to go on tour in South America. He said goodbye to the guardian he became close with and his onetime love Emily.

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