How’d A.J. perish?

Yesterday, Carly gave Todd a history lesson in Michael’s true paternity, while Monica reminded Michael that, although a father figure, Jason was not his dad. That distinction went to A.J., at least in the biological sense. But, if you’ll recall, A.J. died in 2005.

A.J. was never the pride and joy of the Quartermaine clan. Among other things, he was an alcoholic, who caused Jason’s brain damage after driving drunk; he hired Dr. Asher Thomas to kill Jason when he was in a coma; he hired Faith to kidnap Michael; and he shot his father Alan.

While he didn’t portray A.J. at the time of his death, Sean Kanan, who last played the Quarteramine black sheep in 1997, is set to return to the canvas on October 29. His character details have been kept under wraps.

While we wait to see who Kanan will play, do you remember how A.J. died? Vote and comment on the character below.