Credit: Sexy maid and hot mobster. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown Week of October 15-19:

It can’t get more emotional than the last week in Port Charles. Anna brought Heather down, but was soon faced with a blast from the past when Duke came back to town. Meanwhile, Sam, Jason and baby were reunited only to face tragedy by the end of the week. Better get out the tissues.

The fall:
Heather hitting the ground was probably a happy sound for many viewers, especially once it was clear Jason had plucked that little baby out of thin air, which was an incredible catch by the way. Of course, Heather is not gone yet, and she even managed to raise Anna’s ire again by bringing up Robin from her hospital bed.

Anna’s week:
Barely back from Switzerland, Anna jumped right back into work by quickly closing in on Heather with John’s help and bringing her down at the hospital. Had to love her kneeling next to Heather after she hit the ground, willing her to live only so she could face justice for all of the wrongs she has done. Not that Heather, staving off a coma, could let Anna have the last word and made sure to get her thinking about Robin again. Hard to tell if this was an act of compassion on Heather’s part of more evilness.

Balloons to heaven:
As Patrick and Anna commiserated about Robin on what would have been her birthday, Patrick told Anna that Emma had sent a note to Robin in heaven, released on a balloon. It was a sweet and tender moment, but not one everyone thought was a responsible one. Jackie F. says, “On yesterday’s [Tuesday’s] show, I was astonished that Patrick said his daughter Emma sent up a balloon to her mother Robin ‘to heaven.’ That balloon won’t make it to ‘heaven,’ but it will make it into the nearest ocean where it most likely will be eaten by an unsuspecting ocean dweller; it will die because balloons look like jellyfish. Please don’t promote sending up balloon(s). Thank you.” How do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments below.

Tea and Todd and Starr:
The only other thing fans have been longing for as much as Sam getting her baby back is Todd answering for his role in the switch. Wily to the end, Todd refused to give anyone any indication that he knew Heather switched the babies – until he was faced with Starr. He shared with her that he did know, but not to tell anyone. For someone who cares so much for his daughter he certainly asks her to compromise herself for his sake an awful lot. Todd is going down and it is just a matter of time.

Sexy maid and hot mobster:
Connie’s crazy act is pure entertainment, and her scene with Johnny this week really took the cake. Or yogurt, as the case may be. She and Johnny really let it all hang out during their battle, literally for her in her skimpy maid outfit. The best was when Johnny grabbed her from behind and she got all the yogurt in her hair. Gross!

Duke’s plot:
Things are still a little hazy surrounding Duke’s return, but getting clearer by the moment. He seems to be the person behind the Port Charles hostage crisis a few years back, and was able to get to Bernie then. It is still unclear how Sonny never noticed all of his assets were missing – didn’t he just get $18 million for Jerry? Duke wants everything back – Anna, Robin, and the entire mob empire run by Sonny. Super smart Anna is sure to be blinded by his charms and their history, but here’s hoping she doesn’t play dumb on all of these shenanigans.

Diane’s return:
One of the brightest moments of the week was Diane’s return as Todd’s lawyer. This should get good, especially since he canned her as his gossip columnist to hire Heather!