Credit: Pure hysteria. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown Week of October 8-12:

It was another banner week for Port Charles. It seems like we have gotten so much behind us recently – the wedding, the reveal of Trey’s parentage, and now, the truth about Sam’s baby. But there are new problems and complications being introduced every day, making sure there is never a dull moment. From Duke and Luke’s return and Lulu and Dante’s baby-making spree to the hospital roof standoff, what’s not to love?

The great baby reveal:
After months and months, the return of Sam’s baby really came to a head very quickly once Jason got final confirmation that the baby who was buried was most definitely not Sam’s. When Jason told her, Sam had great restraint in not running off like a crazy person looking for Heather herself. And Jason was with her every step of the way – holding her when she needed it, taking action when she needed it and the best, getting pictures from Dante for Sam to see when she couldn’t even remember what her own son looked like. Of course, she got to see him in person during the roof standoff, but never got close enough to even touch him before Heather jumped. The biggest question remains, however, other than what happened to the baby after Heather jumped. When is Jason going to find out he is really the father, and not just the uncle? It was such a breakthrough when he kept referring to the baby as “his” and “our’s” and not just “Sam’s” when they were on the roof.

Cute baby alert:
Oh my goodness, little baby Daniel/Victor is just all smiles whenever he is on screen. Nanny Heather really does have a way with children!

Ellie and Spinelli:
Fans of Maxie should be very worried about new cutie on the scene, Ellie. She is smart, funny and very smitten with Spin. And it seems the feeling is mutual. And while it can be difficult to feel sorry for Maxie after all of the horrible things she put Spin through while she was in jail and beyond, now that she knows Spin is the one for her, it is hard not to root for them too. Finally, Spin is a ladie’s man and will soon have some serious decisions to make.

Maxie and Lulu:
It was great to see these two gal pals getting back to good old fashioned girl talk. While Lulu contorted herself to optimize insemination, Maxie went on and on about her feelings for Spin. There was giggling, there was straight talk and there was love. These friends really got it right this week.

Lulu and Luke:
Not only did Lulu spend some time reconnecting with her friend Maxie, she also got to catch up with her father, who stopped by to see her when he got back in town. It was sweet for them to catch up, and their little do-over seen after he walked in on her taking off her robe for Dante was pretty adorable.

Heather in a corner:
Mama gonna knock you out! Steve crossed mommy dearest and got knocked out for his trouble. Here’s hoping it is enough to keep him from ever doubting Olivia again.

Jason and John:
The ultimate pairing of good cop, bad cop – or good cop, mob muscle as the case may be. It’s hard not to just like these two stoic, low-voiced creatures together and a shame we are not going to see this relationship develop further with actor Steve Burton’s departure looming. Side note, Jason’s biceps looked incredible this week. Not sure if this is a case of looking your best after a break up, but Burton is leaving us with some great memories.

How far is this psychic thing going to go? Epiphany seemed pretty impressed that Olivia was able to see Heather in the actual scrubs she was wearing. It’s hard to not want her to get a little brick with Steve for that Shadybrook comment to Dante at the wedding last week. Heck, she should still be mad as hell that he broke up with her for doing a little digging on Heather way back in her body burying days. Right before Heather shot her up with an insane amount of LSD. Ugh.