Lulu’s first pregnancy.

In 2006, Lulu was a rebellious teen with her sights set on Dillon Quartermaine, who happened to be her stepbrother. However, he was married to Georgie Jones, who he was madly in love with. That didn’t deter Lulu, who schemed with Diego Alcazar to break them up.

Lulu lied to Dillon that Georgie slept with Diego, which led to him dumping his wife. Of course, it also led to him sleeping with Lulu, just as she planned. Lulu eventually confessed the truth, that she lied about Georgie, but she also had to reveal that their one night together left her pregnant.

Dillon wanted her to keep the baby, but Lulu knew it wasn’t the right thing for her. Besides, she knew Dillon would never love her the way he loved Georgie. With her father Luke’s support, she had an abortion.

Lulu struggled with her decision for a while, but received the comfort she needed from her mother Laura, who finally, but briefly, came out of her catatonic state. Laura assured her daughter she would have supported her decision had she been there.

These days, Lulu has the love she’s been looking for from her husband Dante and they’re trying to have their own baby. Will they succeed?

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