Sewing circle. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown Week of September 24-28:

Who is up for some tequila shots? This week was lots of fun, thanks to Connie’s bachelorette party. Sonny is on to Trey, but maybe he needs to be looking at what Kate is up to a little more closely before the wedding next week.

Magic Milo:
Why not kick it off on a high note? Hands down, without a doubt the best thing to hit the screen this week was buttoned-up meat head Milo stepping up his beefcake status by shaking it for the ladies at Connie’s bachelorette party at The Floating Rib. Everyone got to loosen up a bit, like Lulu and Maxie off on the sidelines instructing Milo how to move. Even Liz got her groove on a bit. When the whipped cream and tequila came out and Connie straddled Milo, it was a good thing Mac hustled him out of there before things got weird.

Speaking of the party, it would have been great to have seen some loudmouthed extras a la “Mob Wives” show up to give Connie a sendoff from singlehood. Instead, seats were filled with people like Liz, who really had absolutely no reason to be there. Most of the other guests were a stretch too, but at least had some kind of connection to Kate.

Connie’s con:
Seriously, who is this chick fooling? Everyone I guess. She is eating ribs, downing tequila shots and writhing around with whipped cream and Milo. No matter how much Kate would embrace her Connie side, this is a little much.

Johnny and Connie:
I am dying to know what these two are up to. Whatever it is, it is enough to force Johnny to consider skipping town. If he doesn’t, he must really love Carly. Not sure that will do him any good after the wedding though. It had better be good because the anticipation is crazy!

Carly’s problem:
It’s hard to tell if Carly is just naive to Johnny’s lies or is too pig headed to admit she is wrong to dig any deeper into what his misdeeds have been. Here’s a tip: when your mob-connected boyfriend wants to leave the country with you to go where no one can find you, that is a red flag.

The poker pals:
Sure, Sonny’s bachelor party was much more subdued, considering he spent the entire time in his office trying to rattle Trey. We did get to see some interaction between Dante and Michael, which we don’t get very much of these days. It’s nice to know that Dante cares about Michael’s wellbeing and worries about how his actions now could affect his future. There could still be a lot more digging into how what happened in the past is affecting him now too.

Afternoon delight:
Tracy just couldn’t deny her connection with Joe Jr., and he seems to really have true feelings for her too. Of course things are about to get strained, but Tracy is not the kind of shrinking violet to be put off by a little dirty business. We’ll have to wait and see if Joe’s business is just too dirty for her to deal with.

Sabrina’s daydreams:
New to General Hospital, subdued Sabrina may be meek on the outside, but on the inside seems to have plenty to say. Her daydreams are so vivid in fact, that the pull her out of reality more often than they should. What do you think about her fantasies? Vote in our GH Poll: Sabrina’s Fantasies.