On a boat. (ABC)

“GH” Rundown Week of September 10-14:

Now that Port Charles has been saved by the evil pathogen you would think things would be slowing down to a much calmer pace. Not so! Sam’s swapped baby storyline is just heating up, and so is Kate’s. The residents may have avoided certain death but destruction for some seems to be on its way.

Sweat suits:
Everyone is running an extremely high fever and complaining about how hot they are, even passing out from it. Yet, Sonny, Jax and Todd never once took off their damn suit coats. Really? It was almost distracting that they kept them on. Meanwhile, Johnny has on a loose-fitting shirt but it is covered in crazy sweat stains.

The baby!
So Tea hired arguably the worst nanny in history to care for little Victor/Daniel. At this point it doesn’t seem crazy Heather has an end game in mind other than snatching the baby at some point. If she doesn’t leave soon she is sure to be caught by cops looking for her for murdering that nurse. And finally – finally – someone is seriously putting the pieces together about finding Sam’s baby. What will the show do without Jason considering not one person on the medical staff at General Hospital (ahem, Steve) even thought to question the fact the blood types were off and medical conditions appeared and disappeared out of nowhere. Very disappointing, Dr. Lee!

The Falconeri girls:
Impending death has a way of creating some very heartfelt scenes on soaps, and the exchange between Olivia and Kate was sweet and cute, if not a little sappy. And when they were each making out with the “loves of their lives” while getting sprayed with antiserum was certainly a little much. And seriously, how can Olivia think Steve is the love of her life. That LSD certainly is hard to shake!

Jason and Liz:
It is hard not to analyze every scene with Jason, whether he is with Liz or Sam. Knowing he is leaving it seems these two are getting closer while he and Sam are finally finding some closure. Most people lost the last 20 minutes of the show on Friday, so it is unclear what Liz said to Jason when she finally sat him down, and what he said in return. Drama!

RIP Cook:
Never seen but always talked about, nameless Cook will certainly be missed. We even have Cook’s chicken tarragon to thank for Tracy’s first run in with Joe Jr. One of the pathogen’s only casualties, someone had to go and her time was up.