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“GH” Rundown Week of September 3-7:

The illness rages on in Port Charles, with the residents getting sweatier and more desperate for the antiserum by the minute. But that’s not all that happened this week. Heather is out of Ferncliff and in Llanview with Tea and Sam’s baby. This is about to get interesting! This week readers are also weighing in on what they thought about this week’s happenings too.

Maxie’s return:
You could practically hear the roar of applause as Kristen Storms stepped back into Maxie’s shoes this week on “GH.” Gone for months, audiences unfortunately never really warmed up to her replacement, Jen Lilley. Not only is it great that Storms is feeling better, but it was super fun watching her in Sam’s dream, running the baby shower and smooching with Spin. It will be interesting to see what kind of storyline they give Maxie now that she is back, something for her to tangle with Spin on. Her part in Robin’s “death” will have something to do with it.

The One Percenters:
The gatherings of the millionaires were some of the best scenes this week, bringing together a host of characters we might not normally see together, like Tracy and Todd, who played their roles perfectly. Johnny, the so-called reformed mobster calling up a goon to bring him the cash buried next to some dead body – but not all of it and certainly not in a bag. Briefcase only. Carly, getting egged on by Todd to use Jax’s money without telling him since they are still legally married. Like he said, it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Sonny, with his coffee cash. Tracy with her dad’s money. And of course, their ringleader Todd delivering line after comedic line.

Heather’s back!
As crazy as Heather has been with her BLT obsessions and iced tea incidents, her scene with the nurse in Ferncliff was stellar even for her. Her struggle to make something right with Steven was touching – until she knocked out that nurse and stomped on her head! Villain to the core, she is off in Llanview to create her very own do-over. This direction would be more worrying if Jason wasn’t starting to dig around about the authenticity of the death of Sam’s baby. That, and the fact the cops should be on her tail for the murder of the nurse as we speak.

Sam’s storytelling:
Sam’s story was touching and wonderful and heartbreaking for many reasons. The biggest one being the departure of Steve Burton as Jason in just a few weeks. But while it gave a bit of closure to fans of Jason and Sam, for others the sequence was just out of place during this fast-paced week. “If they were going to do something like that, it should have taken place after the tainted water deal – where cheating death could have led to re-evaluations or what could have beens,” says Samhaincat. “If death was imminent – the ‘what ifs’ wouldn’t have played out anyway because everyone would be dead.” What did you think about the dream sequence? Vote in our GH Poll: Sam’s fantasy.

Talk about unresolved feelings! Jason and Liz have such a connection, one that can never be broken because of what they have lost together. And guess what? Jason and Sam have that same connection! Sam has John to fall back on, but poor Liz – with Ewen gone and Jason about to leave, they need to introduce a new prospect soon. “Loved the Jason and Liz scenes, Jason knowing something was wrong without Liz saying a word and drawing her back as she stepped away,” Ranshoma says. “Loved Sam and John on the floor, her melting in his arms, their faces inches apart. Sexy!”