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“GH” Rundown Week of August 27-31:

Things are getting very real in Port Charles. The water is toxic, people are coughing all over General Hospital (yuck!) and Joe Jr. is … falling in love? Wow.

Michael’s rage:
When Michael took Trey down in the chapel, it was a pretty brutal wake up call for Starr about what Michael has been through. His rape in prison was a very big deal and of course would affect any future relationships he has. I wonder if he is going to tell her everything and we can really delve more into this storyline or if the flashback he had in Vegas is all we are going to get out of this. For Michael and Starr to really move forward I hope he tells her everything because she will be nothing but supportive.

Jerry’s motives?
So Jerry wants a lot of money, but why? Is there some kind of cure to his ailment that only $88 million can buy, or is the request really code for something else? We learned that the number represents the dead man’s hand, but if Jerry stole the cards like the told Jax he did, what is he after now? Plus, it was very sinister of Jerry to suggest to Alexis that he could save everyone if she spent one last night with him, and when she agreed, only to tell her that wouldn’t even come close to fulfilling what he needs. Harsh!

Duke vs. Luke:
What a pickle Duke’s return will provide Anna, who is only going to get closer to Luke in the month or more it will be before Duke comes back on the scene. Duke’s brief appearance in Switzerland raised so many questions. First of all, why would he take Robin and hide her from Anna, one of his great loves? Is it possible he found Robin and is “fixing” whatever Keenan and Jerry did to her before he gives her back? If not, what is his connection to Jerry and why would they be working together? Meanwhile, Luke’s revelation to Anna about his lie to Robert is more sad than bad and shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Now she is off to Port Charles without knowing what is going on and Luke is off to find Robert and tell him the truth. Regardless, this storyline should be fun for the fall.

The new Mrs. Trey Mitchell:
Trey was almost starting to be a little sympathetic, but then he brought out the sleazy producer again in front of Starr and Michael, and Kristina is going to be so sorry she didn’t listen to all of the people who love her. She even asked him to swear on a bible that he didn’t lie to her and when he wouldn’t do it under the guise that they should “trust each other” she should have walked to the nearest annulment office. Way to do your homework everyone. As soon as Michael tells Sonny, these chips should start falling in a hurry.

Johnny’s hair:
The New Kids on The Block called and they want their do back. It was hard to watch him go toe to toe with Todd when he looked so ridiculous.