A bit of background.

With the news that Ian Buchanan Is Back At General Hospital, Soaps.com thought that some fans could use a little refresher on the character of Duke Lavery. Here it is in a nutshell.

Duke caught Anna Devane in a fast paced romance as soon as he hit Port Charles. He was the owner of the elaborate Duke’s Nightclub, which just happened to be laundering cash for the mob. This was a problem since she was the chief of police.

He tried leaving organized crime so that he could be with her, but other members of the organization weren’t willing to let him go. Her house was bombed, bringing Robert Scorpio back to town to investigate and he was sure Duke was involved. Little did they know that the head of the mob in Port Charles was actually the co-chief of police.

Duke teamed up with Robert and Anna to bring down his partner. He wound up being paralyzed by a bullet meant for Robert. After a brief stay in prison, he was reunited with his half-sister/ nearly lover, a nun from Canada.

She tried getting back into his life but he kept her away. A reporter dug into their past and discovered that Duke had covered up a murder back in Canada. The reporter decided to reveal this to Anna on their wedding day. That sunk her nuptials.

Duke managed to win her back and they were married in the highlands. He continued to remain deeply involved in organized crime and became stuck in a power struggle with Olivia Jerome. When sex wouldn’t sway him, she decided to try killing him but nearly killed Anna instead. Anna lost her baby in an elevator rigged to plummet and was then arrested for putting Olivia in a coma. She was eventually cleared and Olivia was sent to an asylum.