(Updated on December 4)
ABC still hasn’t confirmed that David Lago is indeed set to play Dante. Casting for the character (who should appear early in 2009) is reportedly still ongoing.

(As reported on October 30)
As Soaps.com reported last week in our GH Comings & Goings section section, David Lago has been cast as Sonny and Olivia’s son Dante and will be appearing late in November sweeps or soon thereafter. Soap fans will instantly recognize the dark-haired young man as Raul Guitierrez from Young & Restless. He joined the CBS soap in 1999 and remained for five years. In 2005, he won a Daytime Emmy in the Younger Actor category for his work. His earlier work includes the role of Jeremy on WB’s “Seventh Heaven.” Since leaving soaps, he’s appeared in several Indy films and has created a production company that bears his name. David also plays instruments and sings in a band called Panacea.

What better what to find out what we have in store than to go to Soaps.com’s Y&R board to get feedback? Here’s what our fellow posters from over there had to say:

Candace: General Hospital is getting an awesome actor, who looks to be even easier on the eyes now than when he was on Y&R. Oh, those brown eyes!!

ADEN85: I miss ‘Raul’. He was a sweet character and not to mention hot!
Not fair that ya’ll get David now! I’m gonna talk to those GH fans and make sure that they don’t accept him so he’ll have him come back to Y&R! That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

pdames4: I loved David Lago as Raul. He was such a smart and sweet guy who often got the wrong end of the stick .The actor was really talented and he has filled out quite nicely since his Y&R days. I hope he is welcomed by all the GH fans.

Conway63653: Raul was my Y&R crush! What a HOTTIE! WOOTWOOT! Congrats GH you’re getting a great actor! And not to mention…he’s HOT! Oh…my bad, did I already say that??

Needsoap: I think I will go back to watching GH again. Raul is one of my all time favorite Y&R boys. I was hoping would come back to GH. I can’t wait to watch him again, especially being Sonny’s son!

It sounds like another great casting decision, don’t you think? Share your comments below!

-Julie Clark Robinson