Bad reviews. ( readers sound off.

We love reading what readers have to say about our favorite characters in Port Charles, so we have gathered together some of the emails we’ve received this week. Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments.

Jack says, Please ABC put “General Hospital” out if its misery. It’s like half “General Hospital” and half “One Life To Live.” Please get rid of the Todd Character. He’s not necessary. Johnny and Carla are great together.

Emily says, I’ve been watching “GH” since before Jason had his accident, and he was with Robin. If the storyline continues the way it’s going now I’ll probably never watch it again. Sam and Jason are good together. I stopped watching for a while when they broke up and he was with Liz. I’m hoping they’ll hurry up and have them find out that the baby is alive and Jason is the father.

J says, The direction “General Hospital” is going in is terrific! Having Jerry come back is great. Hopefully Jax will be back too. The mystery around Robin is good as well. Keep it up!

Lyn says, If we wanted to see a failed soap, we’d still be watching it and it wouldn’t have been canceled. Get rid of them [the “OLTL” actors] and go back to writing for the “GH” cast.