Hugo Boss Leather Jacket! ( receives many emails inquiring about the fashions of the citizens of Port Charles. As always, we go straight to the source and speak with Mary Iannelli, the head of wardrobe for General Hospital. Here’s what you wanted to know:

Hillary: Do you know where the necklace Kate Howard was wearing the week of May 12? It was a very shiny round circle necklace. It was not a chain. The circles were all linked together. It was gorgeous.
A: That necklace of Kate’s was from Banana Republic.

Marianne (and about 10 other posters!): I was just wondering where I could get the dress (black and white) looks like sweater material that Maxie wore on Wednesday September 3. It had a thin, black belt. Also she had on a big black ring, do you know where I could get that? Thanks!
A: The dress that Maxie wore is from Christopher Dean. The ring is from Forever 21.

Nicole: I have been looking for the black clutch that Claudia carried, around July 21, when she was at Sonny’s house and I am hoping you can help. The clutch appeared to be solid black, and what I loved about it was the thick black strap that held the clutch around her wrist. Could you help me find out who made it or how I can get one?
A: Claudia’s clutch was from Charles David.

Danielle: On September 5, Maxie wore a yellow, orange, red, and gray stripped dress. Where can I find it? A: Maxie’s dress was from Splendid.

Shanda: Carly wore a satin gold/black dress on September 3, where can I purchase it?
A: Carly’s dress was from Diane Vonfurstenburg.

Derek: Where can you buy Jason’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket?
A: Jason’s leather coat is from Hugo Boss.

Maura: Hi, Maxie Jones wore a cropped jacket and blouse on August 26. Can you tell me where they were from?
A: Maxie’s Leather jacket is from Bebe her blouse is from Forever 21.