Preggers? (

“GH” Rundown Week of Aug.6-10:

Now we are getting somewhere! Sure, Heather provided plenty of problems during her reign of terror – which I am sure is far from over – but move on over because there is a new baddie in town. Well, an old baddie with a new baddie along for the ride. And that means all kinds of trouble for everyone in town. But with an impending pregnancy and burgeoning relationships, there are sure to be some good times ahead as well.

Was anyone else’s head spinning over the fact that both Sonny and Alexis went from trying to help Jason and Sam get back together to rushing them to sign divorce papers in the matter of a few minutes? That was just crazy. But, it seems to have worked and they have agreed to a divorce. Seriously, for a couple who found it so hard to find time to talk, they sure do have all the time in the world to catch each other in compromising circumstances. And what is it with Jason and Liz? The way he stared at her at Kelly’s when she cared for Aiden was pure love. They can say what they feel is platonic, but the connection they share seems too great for occasional breakfasts at Kelly’s to catch up on each other’s love lives.

Ewen and Jerry:
Ewen is certainly a man of mystery considering I still can’t figure out exactly what his relationship to Jerry even is. Obviously his conscience is making it a struggle to do Jerry’s bidding, but the moment he crept into Carly’s house, I was over giving him the benefit of the doubt. If he is there to hurt or take her little girl I will be so upset! If his conscience is really bothering him he would take Jerry’s advice and back off Liz. But we all know that isn’t going to happen either. My prediction is that at some point Jason is going to have to save Liz and we all know how hard it is to turn down a knight in shining armor or damsel in distress.

Oliva’s powers:
So how crazy would it be if Olivia could see into the future, thanks to her LSD overdose? Maybe she can start solving the crimes around town no one else has gotten around to yet? Let’s hope she visualizes a future as a single lady on the prowl.

Todd and Carly:
Can we start calling them something yet, like Codd or Torly? I am really into the chemistry they had as she tried to think of people to set him up with. He somehow gets giddy adorable with her and the way she smiles when she is with him is what one would call infectious. I am calling it – these two are my new favorite couple-to-be!