Julie’s General Blogspittle
(Week of October 20 – 24).

Don’t you love it when you can feel the sweeps coming on? If only the level of intensity could always be so, well, intense. Scott and Laura’s scenes on Friday were so steeped in their unique history that Lulu’s plight seemed as negligible as a case of the sniffles. For Scott, the last 25 years have been little more than a blur as a result of Laura choosing Luke over him. I seem to remember his love for Dominique and Lucy being equally intense, but apparently nothing will compare to Miss Star Eyes. (Back in the day, Laura was a model and that was her official title believe it or not! Who else remembers that? If you care to elaborate below please do! I worry a little that fans who are fairly new to General Hospital won’t get nearly as much from this week’s pilgrimage as we veterans will.)

On the flip side, Luke and Tracy’s follies left me flat. I’m always thrilled to see Anthony Geary return, but this time he pretty much just made my liver hurt. Those tequila-infused scenes in the cantina played like “Scarface” to me. Only instead of snorting the drug of choice, the lead actor chugged it. Plus, every time one of Luke’s oddball bits of dialog came slurring out, I wanted to jot the line down as contenders for my line of the week, but they were so campy that I simply couldn’t. My choice ultimately did come from their action, however, but it came out of the deliciously sober, yet wicked mouth of Tracy. I’m going to make you wait until the end of my blogspittle, as always, to tell you want it was!

I’m not too surprised that Sam’s current pickle isn’t rating too high on my goose bump meter. I’ve never been much of a fan of her plan to expose Karpov and Jerry’s business dealings, so when Alexis busted her locking lips with Jerry in the hot tub, I kind of wanted to chant ‘Na na na na na na!’ All I can really say is let’s move on now, shall we? Sam’s plan was ill-conceived. I hope that Alexis and Lucky will come to forgive her, but enough already, right?

As for marrying Claudia off to someone who clearly doesn’t love her, I’m sickly intrigued. I’ve pretty much always been a fan of the storylines that force two people together for reasons other than love. You know what will happen, right? They always tolerate one another, but eventually sexual tension wins out and some kind of romantic feelings evolve. At this point, I find that I don’t even care if she marries Sonny or Jason, I’m just looking forward to the old familiar formula. Especially since it was Sarah Brown’s Carly who pretty much got Jason, and then Sonny, to fall in love with her all those years ago. That woman has chemistry with everyone she shares a scene with. Now, when I think about the other woman in either of the scenarios, Kate or Elizabeth, I really get excited. Both would be devastated to find their man married to the female viper! I know, I’m a bit of a sicko, but let’s face it, aren’t we all? I mean, we are soap fans for cryin’ out loud!