Faux-mance. (Soaps.com)

“GH” Rundown Week of July 30-Aug.3:

Well, this week certainly had its moments (Shawn’s chest, Jerry’s return, flashbacks of Shawn’s chest) but it certainly had some bummer moments too. Let’s discuss.

Trey and Joe Jr.
Okay, so it is obvious by now that not only did Trey have no idea he was descended from mobsters, but he also has no idea Kate is his real mom. And, I was shocked by this, he seems to actually have a heart. Too bad his goon of a father is using that to his advantage. If he truly cares about Trey like he says he does, in no way would he force his son into marrying someone he didn’t love in order to get back dirty mob money. But, it seems Joe Jr. has been grooming his son for this his whole life. How hilarious that when he decides to go through with his plan and kisses Kristina she lays some pretty heavy stuff on him. Not only was she beaten by the last guy she has been with, he “died” but would not go into details. Talk about a red flag! He even tried to call daddy to get out of it, but no deal. I am pretty sure he is going to fall in love with her for real as these types of things tend to happen, so we’ll see how far Trey is willing to go along with dear old dad.

Todd and Johnny.
This could get interesting for sure, but what is driving me crazy is how far Todd is willing to let this go considering Johnny’s crimes are far worse off than what he did. I mean, come on, Johnny killed his granddaughter! And he is going to let Starr, whom he claims to be so protective of, continue to be blinded by Johnny and his false goodness. That is just crazy. Let’s not forget that Todd still has all the video evidence of Johnny’s misdeeds (including desk sex with Carly), but he is not the only one. All of that footage went to Heather’s computer too, we just don’t know when or how that will ever come out.

Ewen, Liz and everyone else.
wow, it really seems to me that everyone else has more of an interest in where Liz’s romance is going with Ewen than she does herself. As for Ewen, now that we know who he is dealing with, how can he even do this to Liz if he really cares about her? He obviously knows all about Jerry’s history with Liz, taking her hostage with Jason. I guess the real question is, how far back does Ewen’s history go? Ewen just appeared out of nowhere last year when he rescued Liz from drowning and took her to that island. I can’t wait to hear what she has to tell Jason about what has been bothering her about Ewen since then. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before we find out who he really is and where he came from. Who do you think Ewen is? Take our General Hospital Poll: Ewen’s boss.