Updated on November 3

Part two of this interview with Rebecca Herbst is now live on our sister site. Click here to see what she has to say about Liason!

(As reported on October 28)

Our Soaps.com message board is usually buzzing with talk about Elizabeth Webber, and Soaps.com has finally had the opportunity to talk with the woman behind the ‘Li’ in ‘Liason’, Rebecca Herbst! The occasion? This weekend’s fan event in Hemet, California at a Walmart as part of the “Shop like a Soap Star” series of appearances. Since Rebecca is the spokesperson for PURPOSE skincare products, she will be giving out samples to all of her fans! Here’s what she has to say:

Soaps.com: I understand you’ve been using PURPOSE skincare since you were fifteen! That’s impressive (from PURPOSE’s standpoint)! Even after leaving your teen years behind and having two children of your own, the skin care line still works for your changing needs? Can you tell us what it is about PURPOSE that keeps you loyal to it?

Rebecca Herbst: The number one thing I love about Purpose is that is still works after 16 years. That just goes to show how simple and wonderful the Purpose products really are. They kept my skin healthy when I was in my teens, and now that I’m in my thirties it keeps me looking younger. The Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion with SPF15 really keeps my skin moisturized and protects my skin from the sun’s damaging rays. The Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash never dries out my skin because it is so gentle and soap-free, and it’s still able to remove my makeup without burning my eyes! My entire family uses the whole Purpose line of products!

Soaps.com: Your skin has come up in several of my interviews with your fellow cast mates, by the way. Carolyn Henessy and Minae Noji come to mind, off hand, as two women who truly envy your fresh-faced beauty. Care to comment about that?

Rebecca Herbst: It’s flattering to hear Carolyn and Minae’s comments because they both have amazing, flawless skin!

Soaps.com: Since this is a Southern California appearance, will your family be coming along to meet your fans with you?

Rebecca Herbst: Hemet is about a 2 1/2 hr drive from where I live; but I’m familiar with the drive because my Great Aunt Ruth used to live there. I never bring the kids with me to appearances because I like to devote my full attention to the fans. Also, anyone who knows my kids knows they would have a show of their own going on!

Soaps.com: This time out, you’ll be combining a fan event with your work on behalf of Purpose. How does that work for you?

Rebecca Herbst: I do love getting to meet fans of the show and hearing their ideas and opinions about storylines. I have really enjoyed my appearances on behalf of Purpose because I get to talk to people and have conversations rather than just the standard meet and greet.

So there you have it Elizabeth fans, the secret to her beautiful skin. If any of you get out to Hemet’s Walmart this weekend, please come back to Soaps.com and give a first-person account of your experience, will you?

-Julie Clark Robinson