"...you lost your spleen." (Soaps.com)

Julie’s General Blogspittle
(Week of October 13 – 17).

After all was said and done, I found myself getting a little sad as Maximus headed out of town. Who would’ve thought he knew that Max was a mere bodyguard all along? He might be a contender for father of the year next June when I post the ‘Father of the Year’ poll. Of course, Port Charles isn’t exactly a hub of paternal wonders, but still, the guy did show some love, in his own way. I liked how everyone who cared about Max, and even those who don’t (Claudia) all joined in to make him look good in front of his papa. Something tells me that we’ve not seen the end of Vincent Pastore. From all accounts, the guy just loved his time on the set.

As for Jason and Sonny, it’s sad to see their relationship deteriorate before our very eyes. Just last week they shook hands and Jason wished Sonny and Kate well as they were about to get married. I almost wish Jason would do as Sonny asked if only to preserve their friendship. Karpov seems easy enough to take out, don’t you think? Then we could be done with the whole Russian thing once and for all!

Am I the only one somewhat lost in the whole Sam, Jerry, Alexis storyline? I mean, I watch every minute of every episode and it’s just not clear to me who is doing what to whom. Am I just a dunce or is the writing not too clear here? To be honest, I don’t give a hoot about any of them at the moment. Even Alexis and Jerry’s hot affair has cooled off for me. I truly enjoy all aspects of the character of Jerry, but this story isn’t doing it for me. I’d like to see more of Jax and Jerry’s relationship, wouldn’t you?