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As Spinelli continues to charm General Hospital fans, I find myself recalling our recent Live Chat with his portrayer, Bradford Anderson. After interviewing him over the phone, he was kind enough to accept my invitation for a live chat with his fans here at So, on the afternoon of Wednesday July 30 that’s exactly what we did. The questions were flying and Bradford did his best to keep up, although he is admittedly no cyber geek in real life. As you read through, you’ll notice that some of the things that were discussed have since happened!

For those of you who couldn’t take part, here’s what you missed!

Bford: Hi Everyone!!! I’m so thrilled to be here doing a very Spinelli-like thing – conversing in cyber space. Thank you to Julie for making this happen! Ok what do you all want to know?!

Lindsay_007: In early 2007, Spin told Jason that the Jackal struggles with life. Did the writers’ plan for the character to have Asperger Syndrome, or is this something new? Do you play Spin with Aspergers in mind? How so? Thanks Bradford!

Bford: This has been asked a lot recently. The idea that Spin’s personality is affected by something diagnosable is a new thing. When he started, he was just a guy with limited social experience due to all the computer stuff. And I continue to play him that way. He assumes that his missteps in the real world are due to his inexperience. I think that’s more interesting because he can potentially grow by learning new things. If he has a disorder, then there is maybe less potential for growth. I think the former is more interesting long term. But being faced with the potentiality of a disorder is interesting to explore. He knows he’s strange, but having it being something ‘wrong’ with him is different than just having limited experience. So at the very least, it’ll be interesting to see Spinelli dealing with that potentiality. I hope that made sense!

Wishing4Liason: Welcome to the board Bradford!! You have been such an asset to General Hospital. Your chemistry seems to flow with everyone!! You bring your A game to your scenes and it pays off!! As a viewer of GH I am honored that you are on the show!! My question is who won your last video game with Steve Burton?

Bford: Steve’s on a roll. I think he practices with his kids. No fair.

ghrules: Hey Bradford! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. Like many other viewers of GH, I was wondering if Spinelli and Maxie are gonna be a couple and if not is there another love interest in the future for him?

Bford: Gosh, I’d love to know the answer to that question too! At least for the meantime it’s fun to wonder. Spin and Maxie will continue to share experiences that will bring them closer as friends. So when that happens, who knows if and when the line will be crossed. But they’re definitely going to be in each other’s lives for the foreseeable future!

Lilyrose21: Hi Bradford. Thank you so much for being so fan-friendly. You really do go above and beyond the call for us. My first question is, how did you fare through the earthquake yesterday? That was your first one right? My second question is, do you think Spinelli will ever move out of Jason’s penthouse? I think he could afford it. He should move across the hall to Sonny’s old place. That way Spinelli and Maxie won’t have to worry about any interruptions the next time they have sex.

Bford: Earthquake! Yeah, all is well here in LA. It was about 30 miles east, and even the people closest didn’t suffer too much damage. Thanks for checking in though! And, before we address Spinelli moving out, how about actually seeing the PINK ROOM! I want to know what it looks like. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a scene in it finally? Imagine Steve Burton coming into Spinelli’s room to have a serious conversation, and there are Jason and Spin, surrounded by pink. That’s what I want to see!

mollymommy: What do you do to get into your character before you go on?

Bford: Mess up my hair. Pretty easy eh?

laurief: Hey Bradford, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy watching “Camera Ready” on SOAPnet. Is that something you’ll continue to do or is it a short-term project? Thanks.

Bford: Hey thanks for mentioning that! I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am. Thanks for watching!!!!!! Oh, and it will last for 6 months. There will be twelve bi -weekly episodes in all. Then maybe they’ll do it with someone else! I only have so many interesting things to say.

shelrick: I have to say that you and Sarah Brown together are great! I noticed that when you did that scene on the docks with her there was laughing just before the cut to commercial. Was that you or Sarah or both of you?

Bford: She was supposed to carry me off piggyback. But we fell over! If they hadn’t cut it there, you would have seen us try again, get to the stairs and fall over again. It was amazing, too bad we don’t have gag reels.

Wishing4Liason: I was wondering when The Grasshopper is going to do another shirtless scene?? Hopefully in the near future because it makes (our fellow poster) Van very happy, so much that we call her Vanelli!!