Julie’s General Blogspittle (Week of October 6 – 10)

I’m enjoying everything about Maximus Giambetti, but Maximus Giambetti. His presence in town has infused a hilarious dimension into some characters who have been pretty one-dimensional of late. For example, when is the last time we saw Carly’s face light up with ornery joy like it did when she pretended to be Max’s ‘little lady’? And, while we’re getting pretty used to seeing Jason deadpan, everyone else’s nervous reaction to ‘Stone Cold’ being subservient is palpable. And then there’s poor Milo, whose own father thinks is named Mario even though he’s the one who named him. It’s all good stuff. I’ll let the incessant use of the word ‘capiche?’ slide. For now! By next week I’ll have formed some kind of opinion on Maximus himself, I’m sure.

As for our other newcomer, Olivia, she is still in my good graces in spite of the clichéd blue collar references. I just plain like that chick. She’s strong, yet there’s a soft side not buried too far beneath the surface. She’s fearless, supportive and incredibly capable. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but I’d really like to see her stick around and get into a romance. At the moment, I’d pick Mac for her. It’s far too long since we’ve seen anything from him besides the Keystone Cops, and his tender recollection of his marriage to Felicia this week sealed the deal for me. Point your arrow toward the PCPD, Cupid, and get it right this time.

Boy did the ‘chemistry brokers’ at ABC get it right when they paired Ric with Claudia, don’t you think? Renting a seedy room above Jake’s harkens back to Sarah Joy Brown’s Carly when she and Jason used to hook up there without even wanting to know each other’s names. I loved it when Coleman told Claudia that her fifty bucks entitled her to the room that, “…even has a bathroom.”

While I’m on the tangent of evaluating romantic pairings, I think I like Nik with Nadine. Not sure, but I think I do. One thing that I’m certain of is that I’m enjoying watching him come out of his emotional shell after a year-long funk. When he smiles and plays along with Nadine’s crap, it does my heart good for some reason.

I’m not so enamored, however, with what’s going on with our other tall, dark and handsome younger man. Johnny’s a train wreck! I’d almost forgotten that side of him, after all, this is the guy we saw teetering on the edge of a building just for kicks within the first week of being introduced to him. He’s back! I’d imagine that demented Johnny is much more fun for Brandon Barash to play, so I’m eager to see where it goes for a while. When he dumped Anthony out of his wheel chair on his ‘keester’ (to borrow a word that I’d forgotten about until Olivia brought it back for me!), it portended eerie things to come, I’m afraid.