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“GH” Rundown Week of June 11-15:

There were a few twists and turns this week that made me sit up and take notice, which was a nice break from the oh-so-depressing baby switch storyline. Seems like Sonny is about to get the shock of his life, and we are going to get a front row seat for all the fireworks. Also, am I the only one impressed by a shirtless Michael? Made me respect him a little bit more – he must have a serious workout routine. Anyone else want to smack Starr for turning down Michael’s T-shirt? A lot more happened this week, so let’s get into it.

On Monday’s A BLT At Kelly’s, Matt turned himself in and took a deal of five years in jail. At least he was nice enough to set up all the details for an annulment, but thick-headed Maxie is bound and determined to make this union work. Good luck with that. At least Spinelli is keeping busy working with Olivia to see what Heather is up to, and considering she is wreaking havoc everywhere, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Oh, and Liz and Ewen shared a kiss that was equal parts ho-hum and creepy. Not a great combo. Also not really feeling the love between Felicia and Mac yet, but we’ll see where that all goes. Sure they have history, but I want chemistry too. Poster StraightTalker said, “I am glad for Mac’s sake that his juices are getting a chance to flow. Heck, I am just plain happy that he still has any juices left and they even remember what it feels like to flow.”

Tuesday’s Something Totally Unexpected was a real game changer for Kate/Connie. I was certainly fooled into thinking the show was going to wrap up Kate’s DID with a neat little bow, but I was wrong. I am glad they are taking us back to the beginning of Connie and Sonny’s relationship, which will only add more layers to what is already there. I have been loving Kate’s character and am excited to see where all this goes. My favorite part of the day however, was Sam’s rant at Liz. She really let her have it and I think she was totally justified. When she told Liz to go put her arms around Jason and dry his tears, I gave her an inner fist pump. Of course, it was hard to top Luke and Tracy’s saucy kiss at the Floating Rib. These two are too much fun.

On Wednesday, Todd made the decision to move to Port Charles during People Can Surprise You. Not that I can blame him. The guilt is probably killing him, and for Todd, out of sight can certainly help keep what he did out of his mind. Plus, in Port Charles he can really stir the pot when he buys the Port Charles Press and adds it to his media empire. I have to say, his headlines were hilarious (“To Err Is Spencer, To Forgive, Devane.” “Devane Intervention”) and I am excited to see how he comforts Carly when the Johnny thing blows up in her face. Although, he may be too busy helping Starr exact revenge once the truth about Johnny’s involvement in the accident comes out. Sleeping with Carly is a great way to do it. We’ll just have to wait and see where this all goes, because the possibilities are endless. John and Sam shared a pretty heartfelt goodbye, but I just can’t believe Sam is going to live with her mother while that reality show is being filmed. Aren’t there apartments for rent anywhere in PC? Liz and Jason had a few drinks together, which is always a great way for someone in the doghouse to act. Really Jason? Plus, he sat there and told her how Sam threw their friendship in his face and Liz got a dig in about her reaction their son’s kidnapping. I’m not trying to choose sides about which woman Jason should be with, but if I were Sam I would be more than over it.