Julie’s General Blogspittle
(Week of September 29 – October 3).

Sonny wants back in? Are you kidding me? Of all the things that Sonny is, I’ve never thought he was a quitter. How long, exactly, did he give ‘the clean life’? It felt like ten minutes, tops. Has he even thought through what his lovely near-bride will have to say when she wakes up and finds that the man she promised to marry because he quit the mob is back in the mob? Didn’t think so. If she had died, I could see why he’d want to go back to business, but has he given up the dream of sharing his life with her? I just can’t see her saying, ‘You’re so right darling, go back to breaking kneecaps because my couture wedding gown was ruined!’.

I am happy that the big secret is on its way out. Not surprised, mind you, just glad to let it play out finally. I find myself wondering what Dante will be like. I mean, I know he’ll be dark and brooding and adorable, likely with a sweet set of dimples, too. But, will he be angry because he never knew he had a father? Will he run into Sonny’s arms and join the business? For Sonny’s part, remember how angry he was at Alexis when he learned that he missed the first couple of years of Kristina’s life? Imagine his fury now! Or, will he be so glad to hear that he will have a son in his life after losing Michael and Morgan that he will be able to put his anger aside? Never mind, I think I just answered my own question. Look out Falconeri girls, you’ve not been on the receiving end of Sonny’s rage yet.

Olivia is a force to be reckoned with in my opinion. (As is Lisa LoCicero, as an actress.) I found myself caring more about her this week than I did Kate. And I’m one of the few Kate fans on our GH Message Board! She’s a little rough around the edges, but she has a big heart, a sense of fairness and is very approachable. I loved how she wore her Nonni’s necklace no matter what it looked like. And for days! (Hey guys, I’ve got the ethnic background of a scroungy mutt, so if anyone can give me the correct spelling of ‘Nonni’, I’d really appreciate it! We merely said ‘Grandma’ in my neck of the woods.) After watching the scene in which Mac questions her about the shooting, I found myself doing something I’ve not done in at least ten years: wanting to give Mac a woman. Namely, Olivia! What do you guys think about that? (I made this week’s poll about this very subject. Weigh in, will you?

I’m a bit surprised that Ric is staying quiet about the fact that Anthony was Kate’s shooter. Uncomfortably shocked, in fact. (Similar to how I feel about the fact that Alexis has feelings for the same guy who shot Robin during The Metro Court crisis.) Is he so hot for Claudia that he’ll do anything to hang around the Zacchara mansion? (On a side note, does anyone else seem bothered by the fact that the Zacchara mansion used to be just on the outskirts of Manhattan, but now it’s close enough to Port Charles that people pop in an out as often as they do at Kelly’s?) Don’t get me wrong, I’m bewitched by Ric and Claudia’s chemistry, but has he lost all sense of humanity in his quest to get lucky with a bad girl?

Speaking of losing all sense of humanity, I’m loving bad-boy Johnny! When he taunted Scott with gory details of Logan’s demise, the tension was palpable. Let’s let Laura come back to help Lulu, and keep Johnny on his delicious downward spiral, that’s my vote!

As for Patrick’s response to Robin’s marriage proposal, I was close to applauding. (If I hadn’t been typing my daily recap, I think I would have clapped as if I were at my eleven year-old son’s weekly football game, in fact!) Take that, messed-up Scorpio chick! I don’t doubt that they’ll find themselves at the altar at some point, but Robin deserved being shut down.