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GH Rundown Week of June 4-8:

Sam and Téa’s worlds continued to dance around each other last week in the most frustrating way. Each and every moment was so close to revealing the great baby switch. My heart broke for Sam as her baby was taken from her. And my heart broke for Téa too, knowing how much she loves Sam’s baby when we all know he is going to be taken from her – sooner or later. Aside from the high-stakes baby drama going on, Johnny and Carly reconciled, which is sure to be short-lived once his whole mess of a life comes undone.

On Monday’s Think Outside The Box, Sam left her motel room to wander out into the rain with her newborn while Jason apologized to an empty room. Seriously, she couldn’t knock on a few doors or stop at the front desk on her way out. Or get in her car? Frustrating!

Later, Todd and Heather created an unholy alliance when he came upon her disposing of Anthony’s body. If anyone can rival Todd in every way – crazy, manipulative, boastful – Heather can. I can’t say I was unhappy to see these too kibitzing over Anthony’s dead body since I am personally a big fan of Howarth’s Manning. Then again, I watched “OLTL” back when his frat brat character first came on the scene. Many posters, however, have had a hard time connecting with the influx of Llanview residents in Port Charles. Some feel these new-to-town characters are stealing needed screen time from their beloved “GH”-ers. On the other hand, fans of “OLTL” don’t like what is happening to their cherished characters on the new soap. Poster Scrimmage said “So this is what they brought the ‘OLTL”ers to ‘GH’ for? Let’s review. Starr lost her daughter and boyfriend within minutes of coming into town. Then, Starr goes to trial for attempted murder. Welcome to the show. Téa comes to town for Starr’s trial, but misses it, and then her baby dies. Nice to meet you. Todd loses his granddaughter, and then his nephew, but teams up with Heather and becomes a baby stealer – the lowest form of vermin imaginable. Make yourself right at home.”

By Tuesday’s You’ll Never Know The Difference, the swap was complete and Heather was able to get a few digs into an unconscious Sam, who is going to come to wish she had delivered that letter to Steven Lars.

Kate and Sonny had another touching moment at Shadybrook. The fact that she was not really the one to shoot out Anthony’s tires will hopefully be revealed soon. I, for one, would like to see these two have this behind them and move on. I have to say I have been so impressed with actress Kelly Sullivan’s portrayal of the character. Want to hear how she does it? Read our Interview with Kelly Sullivan. Todd got Tea to the hospital and Olivia finally realized that Heather was missing. For someone who needs to be monitored at all times, she has sure been able to cause a lot of havoc, what with all the body stealing and baby swapping she got done.

And finally, Ewan woke up! A little anti-climactic though, since he didn’t really have any news to report that he was holding onto in his unconscious state. Had to laugh when he asked Liz if they could start where they left off

I really thought Todd was going to have a change of heart on Wednesday’s Let’s Be Better after his conversation with Starr about being better people, the kind of people who don’t do things they will regret later. But he has really stepped in it with Heather, and can see how impossible it would be to tell Téa the truth when he saw her holding baby Victor. “I was just beginning to like that you had changed,” raineysmom said about Todd. “Man up and tell Téa the truth! One thing about the truth…Pt always comes out!” And when this whopper comes out, Todd is in serious trouble.

Meanwhile, Matt and Maxie’s wedding night was anything but what she had hoped for. Not only was she denied a gorgeous ceremony, but Matt suddenly, after all this time, remembered everything about the murder. Talk about a mood killer. She probably slept closer to her cellmate in prison than she did to Matt that night.