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We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with “General Hospital’s” Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli. Please keep in mind that the wardrobe is purchased months before the episodes air, therefore some items may no longer be available. Also, please only send inquiries for “General Hospital” as other soaps are unable to answer our questions.

Dianne K: I would love to know about the whole process: How do you make decisions? How far in advance do you plan the wardrobe? Do you consult with the actors?

A: When our writers first introduce a character, I speak with Frank Valentini our executive producer. We figure out what type of person they are, what their background is, where they come from and how they grew up. After we discuss the general back story, I will go out and shop some looks for the actor. Before shopping I will talk with the actor, get their sizes and talk about their feelings about the character. I also consider what will look good on their particular body type, while being age and character appropriate. I do a fitting and make alterations accordingly. Then Frank looks at the photos to decide what looks he deems appropriate. So I would say the whole process is definitely a collaborative effort!! Thanks for the interest!

Lks: Where can I buy the black dress that Kate Howard was wearing the week of April 2?

A: Kate’s dress is by Catherine Deane.

Julie: Who made Carly’s red, off the shoulder shirt from April 17 & 18?

A: Carly’s shirt is by Leith.

Jackie: Where can I find the blue purse Kate had on April 18?

A: Kate’s purse was purchased downtown in the Santee Alley.

Shirley: Who designed Tracy’s cream colored suit from the first week of April?

A: Tracy’s cream blazer is by Armani.