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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for April 30-May 4.

I’m sure many of our posters have noticed that someone new was doing the recaps this week. That’s me, Hollie, and I couldn’t imagine a better week to take the reins from Lori. There was a lot of gun-waving, a split-personality cat fight, and even a couple of kidnappings. Let’s go through this day-by-day so we don’t miss a single, hair-whipping moment.

On Monday’s show, I Will Rip Your Heart Out, Maxie was sentenced to 20 years despite Spinelli trying his hardest to spill the beans. Too bad his deep love for her caused him to clam up. Really? Elizabeth finally found Dr. Keenan knocked out on the floor of his office, Maggie found the bloody paperweight, but neither one called the cops, even after Ewan gave up Connie’s name. I guess it was a good thing the PCPD weren’t called anyway, because Ronnie and Dante were too busy accusing each other of beating strippers and they can really only handle one crime at a time. Best moment hands down? Connie offering Olivia a dollar when she asked for money. She is so much fun!

On Tuesday’s show, I’m The One Who Should Be Committed, Sam and Carly shared a girlfriend moment, albeit a pretty tame one. Small steps I guess. At least Jason is starting to put together pieces of the Connie/Kate puzzle as he commiserates with Sonny. He even spilled the beans about Sam’s rape. A lot of posters don’t think this is his story to tell, but I think sharing this with Sonny is a testament to the strength of their relationship. Let us know what you think and vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Jason Spills The Beans.

Meanwhile, Heather drugged Maggie and she is probably dead. Of course we don’t know since this is the last we heard about it all week.