A brief history.

Felicia Cummings first hit the scene in 1984 when she dressed up as a boy, so she could break into Frisco’s apartment to look for her family’s Aztec ring. He of course eventually found her out, which kicked off their love story. After several adventures, Frisco and Felicia got married and had Maxie. Frisco couldn’t hack the domestic life though and took many risks working for the WSB. Felicia in turn couldn’t handle the danger and their marriage fell apart.

During this time, Felicia started up a romance with Mac, but Maxie’s heart condition brought Frisco back to town. The exes reconnected, but Frisco left once again after she became pregnant with Georgie. Felicia and Mac eventually reunited and married. This time though, it was Felicia who couldn’t be tamed as she teamed up with Luke to solve a mystery. She of course fell for Mr. Spencer and slept with him, which ended her and Mac’s marriage.

Felicia left Port Charles in 2003 to take care of her grandmother in Texas. Mac stayed behind to raise Georgie and Maxie. Felicia returned to handle Lila’s estate after the Quartermaine matriarch died in 2004. Once that was settled, she left for Texas once again, but made another appearance after Georgie was murdered in 2007. She didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome home, as Maxie verbally attacked her mother in front of everyone at the funeral. Felicia didn’t stay in town much longer, but she stuck around to help with Georgie’s case. She also revealed she had been helping Frisco on some of his missions.

On April 27, 2012, Felicia will return to Port Charles once again, now that Maxie is facing jail time for a murder she didn’t commit. What kind of reception will she receive from her daughter and Mac? Share your thoughts on Felicia’s return, refresh your memory with the videos and feel free to fill in the blanks on her history below.