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“General Hospital” weekly rundown April 9 – 13:

ABC soap fans got a double dose of good news last week: “General Hospital” has been renewed and “One Life to Live’s” Florencia Lozano is making her way to Port Charles as fan favorite Tea Delgado. While we wait to see what exactly the future, which is definitely looking brighter, holds, let’s break down what happened last week.

Not feeling it.

No to Luke and Anna. No to Carly and Johnny. A great friendship and a fun, flirty hook up shouldn’t be ruined by taking things to the next level. A Luke and Anna romance is only being teased at the moment and hopefully it won’t go any further. Luke needs to return to his Spanky Buns and just rely on Anna for her amazing friendship. As for Carly and Johnny, it’s awkward and weird for them to act like a real couple. Their spark faded the moment they went public, so they should go back to sneaking around and engaging in sexy banter.

Out of left field.
Another couple that doesn’t feel right is Matt and Maxie. While separated by a jail cell, Matt decided he was in love with his still self-obsessed ex-girlfriend. Wasn’t he just mooning over Elizabeth? That seems to have passed, because he apparently didn’t know what he had in Maxie until she was almost gone. It’s not clear what he has been missing about their failed relationship, making his sudden declarations of love feel hollow.

Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.
Kate thinks it’s a better idea to take a couple of Tylenol to get Connie under control rather than follow her therapist’s advice and commit herself. The latter seems like the best plan for several reasons. One, Kate needs help STAT and a couple of aspirin ain’t the cure. Two, it might help her mental state to find out if she is or isn’t guilty of shooting at Anthony, thereby causing the deaths of Cole and Hope. Three, a record of mental instability would give her a good defense if she is in fact guilty. Four, watching Kate try and battle Connie is losing its appeal.