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We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with “General Hospital’s” Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli. Please keep in mind that the wardrobe is purchased months before the episodes air, therefore some items may no longer be available. Also, please only send inquiries for “General Hospital” as other soaps are unable to answer our questions.

Sarah M: Can you please tell me where I can find the turquoise ring Maxie had on in the Mar 13 episode?

A: Maxie’s ring is from Forever 21.

Burt: Who designed the dress Carly wore when she and Shawn were locked in the warehouse on September 23?

A: Carly’s dress is by Foley and Corinnet.

Debbie: Who made Carly’s racerback tank from March 9?

A: Carly’s tank is by Willow & Clay.

Jodee, Allison, Sam, Rosanne, Kathryn C, Colleen D, Brooke G: Who made Maxie’s red dress from Robin’s funeral?

A: Maxie’s red dress is by BCBG.

Alisha: Finola Hughes (Anna) looked beautiful for the funeral. Can you give me some information on her outfit?

A: Finola’s blazer is by Unconditional, her top is by Joie and her pants are Theory.

Ruth K: Who made and where can I find Maxie’s red coat from March 14?

A: Maxie’s red coat is by DKNY.

Jackie, Colleen B: Can you tell me when I can get the grey leather jacket Sam wore in the church when she first met John McBain and then at the airport on March 26?

A: Sam’s leather jacket is by Joie.