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“General Hospital” weekly rundown April 2 – 6:

Heather Webber returned, Anna and John teamed up, and a major bomb was dropped on Sam. All in all, it was another compelling week in Port Charles, so let’s get right to it.

History lessons.

Trying to catch viewers up on the past can be a tricky thing on a soap. Dialogue is either repeated ad nauseam or awkward and forced. That was not the case last Monday though, as a couple of history lessons were effortlessly given. When Heather Webber returned to the canvas, Steve gave Olivia a quick recap of her misdeeds. Not only did it feel like an obvious conversation a couple would have, it briefed the audience and led to one of the greatest soap reactions ever from Olivia: “Holy Mary Mother of God.” How else do you respond upon hearing that your boyfriend’s mother sold him on the black market? Likewise, Anna and John partook in dialogue that seamlessly let the audience know they worked together in the past, while recapping their individual histories. There was no clumsy exposition in either situation. Just organic conversations people in their predicaments would have.


It’s a little ridiculous that history has been changed – Susan Moore unknowingly gave birth to both Jason and Franco – but in the world of soaps, it is sort of acceptable. History is rewritten all the time on a soap. Often, to great results. And it’s not the first time Heather has sold a baby, so it totally fits her character. Not to mention, it makes Franco’s obsession with Jason more understandable. It’s not clear why he didn’t tell him they were brothers in the first place, but Franco’s extreme interest in Stone Cold, that strangely seemed more sexual than brotherly, makes more sense. Furthermore, it’s the first time in a long time the Franco storyline has actually been intriguing, but maybe that’s just due to the crazy, yet entertaining, Heather, who fittingly is a fan of the mad artist. What do you think of this twist? Vote in our General Hospital Poll: Jason and Franco as Twins.