She’s back!

Robin Mattson returns as Heather Webber starting today. Keep reading and watch the video for a recap of how and to whom Heather is connected in Port Charles.

Heather Grant arrived in Port Charles in 1976. She quickly zeroed in on Jeff Webber, who was married to Monica at the time. Heather and Jeff slept together, resulting in a pregnancy. Jeff insisted she get an abortion, but instead, Heather sold her baby, Steven Lars, on the black market.

Diana and Peter Taylor adopted her baby while Heather told Jeff their baby died. Jeff married Heather after Monica divorced him and Heather became the Taylor’s nanny for baby PJ, who was really Steven. Heather became obsessed with PJ and in an attempt to drug Diana, she drugged herself. When she started having hallucinations, Jeff had her institutionalized.

Diana discovered that PJ was Jeff’s son, as Heather escaped the mental hospital. She found Jeff and Diana in bed together and decided to kill her competition. However, Heather later discovered that Diana was already dead and tried to set up Anne Logan, who Jeff was in love with. Jeff left Port Charles in order to keep his son safe from Heather.

Next, Heather set her sights on Scotty Baldwin and tried to get to the Quartermaine money through her cousin Susan Moore’s baby Jason. After Susan was killed, Heather moved on to Jimmy Lee Holt to try and get custody of Jason and therefore his trust fund. The plan blew up in their faces and Heather eventually left town.

In 2004, Heather returned and preyed on Edward Quartermaine’s grief over Lila. Her manipulation worked and she married Edward, who she promptly had committed. Edward eventually learned of his new wife’s schemes and filed for an annulment.

Luke Spencer helped to expose Heather’s antics, which led to her admitting to killing Ross Duncan. After she attacked Skye Quartermaine, Heather was declared insane and sent to Ferncliff.

What else do you remember about Heather Webber? Fill in any blanks below on her history and share your theories on what she has up her sleeve this time around.