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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for March 26 – 30:

In addition to Maxie and Starr’s continued whining and Carly’s out of control hypocrisy, last week delivered some fun, deepened a couple of mysteries and gave us one big, albeit presumed, surprise. Let’s break it down.

Not entirely unexpected.
As Patrick heartbreakingly spread Robin’s ashes over the lot their dream home was to be built on, Robin was revealed to be alive. Since the audience never saw her body, it was already assumed by many that someone abducted her. Although impressive TPTB kept that reveal under wraps, would her being alive been better left to the viewers’ assumptions? Unless Robin is returning to the canvas in the near future, does proof that she is alive make it better or worse to accept she’s gone? Furthermore, does it diminish the impact of watching her loved ones grieve? While you ponder that, tell us who you think has Robin in captivity in this week’s General Hospital Poll.

Pot meet kettle.

Carly’s always lived by the double standard, but she took it to new heights last week. First, she seriously, and with a straight face, suggested Johnny not obsess over Sonny so much when he joked he might sleep with Kate just to see Sonny’s reaction. Is she in any position to tell someone not to focus on her ex? He’s been the center of her universe for the past decade. Then, she got offended when Jason ordered her to stop seeing Johnny. This was of course immediately after she suggested he leave Sam for keeping Robin’s death from him and years of butting into his personal life. The blatant hypocrisy was just too much to take.