Happy Anniversary!

On April 1, “General Hospital” turned 49-years-old. For almost half a century, the ABC soap has given viewers a glimpse into the lives and loves of the Quartermaine, Spencer, Webber, Hardy, Scorpio, Jones, Falconeri, Cassadine, Drake, Corinthos and other central families.

As ABC’s last remaining soap opera enters its 49th year, “One Life to Live’s” former executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati have taken over and shaken things up. Even though viewers have had to say goodbye to a few beloved Port Charles denizens over the last year – Robin Scorpio, Ethan Lovett, Lucky Spencer, Kristina Davis, Nikolas Cassadine, Brenda Barrett, Jasper Jax, Jake Spencer – the new powers that be have welcomed back fan favorites Anna Devane, Dr. Noah Drake, Robert Scorpio, Holly Sutton, Heather Webber and soon, Felicia Jones. They’ve also found a way to bring a little bit of Llanview to Port Charles by bringing John McBain and the Manning family to “General Hospital.”

“General Hospital” has recently been on an upswing, but what would you like to see happen as the soap continues on to its 50th year on air?