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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for March 19 – 23:

With the exception of Maxie’s and Starr’s histrionics, it was another great week in Port Charles. The rants are definitely far and few between lately, which makes it exciting to be a fan of “General Hospital,” but difficult to come up with different ways to express all the raves. There are definitely worse problems to have as a soap viewer, so let’s break it all down.

Guilty conscience.

In her grief and guilt over Robin’s death, Maxie declared she killed Lisa Niles in order to get Mac to arrest her. Her tactic worked, even if no one believed her. It remains to be seen if she really did the crime, but one possibility is she knows who did kill the devious doc – perhaps Robin – and she’s trying to protect them (Robin’s good name?) by taking the blame. What do you think? Did Maxie kill Lisa?

A family comes together.
Noah came home to Port Charles to console his son Patrick. They shared some nice scenes, but perhaps the more interesting, albeit brief, interaction was between Noah and his other son Matt. It was indicated that Matt called his pop for Patrick’s sake, but it was clear there was still a lot of animosity between Dr. Hunter and his absentee father. Hopefully, they’ll explore that dynamic a little more in-depth.

A couple divided.

Jason ultimately forgave Sam for keeping the secret about Robin’s death, but not before getting in some pretty hurtful comments to his wife. He actually inferred that Carly knew him better than she did. Is there anything that could sting Sam more? It was actually kind of nice to see the two at odds. Despite them battling Franco and Jason’s health issues, they’ve been pretty lovey-dovey of late. Witnessing Jason explode at his wife felt like one of the more realistic reactions he’s had in recent memory. They shouldn’t break up over it, but having the Morgans disagree and argue over certain things is human and relatable.