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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for March 12 – 16:

Last week’s “General Hospital” was a spectacular display of soapy goodness. From the exciting action of the Mannings and McBain in Port Charles to the heartbreak of Robin’s funeral, just about every minute was filled with top-notch drama. It’s nice for “General Hospital” to be must see TV again, so let’s break it all down.

Mesmerizing mourning.

With the exception of Maxie’s characteristically selfish meltdown, Robert’s letter ringing a bit hollow and a few people missing in attendance, Robin’s funeral was a wonderfully realistic sendoff for the beloved character. There were no histrionics (obviously, save for Maxie). It was just the people who loved Robin quietly grieving, making every interaction feel real in a medium where the acting is often seen, not felt, and certain beats can be overlooked. Subdued, holding back of tears is often more emotionally gut wrenching for viewers than full on sobbing. Patrick and Anna in particular did a wonderful job of this, thereby pulling the viewers in, making them feel their pain. Who made you cry the most last week? Tell us in our General Hospital Poll: Who Brought The Tears?

Not only did the performances ring true, but a couple of small details added to the realism. Gone was the usual actor’s headshot often seen at a soap opera memorial. Instead, a lovely candid photo of Robin was seen in its place. You know, like real people have at real funerals. It was also a nice touch for a video loop of, again, candid shots of Robin playing during the proceedings. Not only was the video another realistic touch, but viewers watched Liz and Matt put it together. It’s beats like these that make soap operas feel far more natural.