Julie’s General Blogspittle.

Brace yourself GH newbies (by that I mean anyone who started watching after 2002 when Laura originally slipped into her catatonia), I’m going to gush – I just love Laura’s presence. I don’t even realize how much I miss it until I see that smile or hear her calm and nurturing voice. And, although this first week back we haven’t had the pleasure of wallowing in her lyrical laughter, I have high hopes that we’ll hear it soon. Genie Francis is pure soap opera magic that is hard to describe but crystal clear when observing. If you don’t agree with me (and I suspect people who didn’t watch prior to 2002 might not), I completely understand. I’m hoping that the rumblings I’m hearing are true and maybe she’ll be on the canvas to enrich her family’s lives for a while and you’ll come to understand what I mean. She softens everyone around her and watching her comfort her daughter this week was a tonic after seeing Lulu unravel for the past month or so. I can’t wait to see her with Nik and Lucky. And then there’s Luke! I’ll save my feelings on their chemistry if and when the storyline delves into that area. (Typing with fingers crossed here…)

Now, for what everyone under 30 is hoping I’ll talk about, that kiss between Liz and Jason! I’m glad that Liz finally spilled her guts and laid it all out there on the table, but she clearly just needs a Jason fix and has completely forgotten why they have made the ultimate sacrifice in the first place. Hey, I’m not judging here, I’m no stranger to a good, old fashioned, man fix. She made a good point when she said that people have secret affairs all the time, but does she really think that putting her own life on the line is good for her kids? Sure, they’ll be safe if they are removed from Daddy Jason’s motley circle, but they might be without a mom if she gets her heart’s desire.

I’m starting to get a good vibe about Dr. Matt Hunter. At first it was a creepy vibe, but now I’m thinking he might be one of the good guys. He could just turn out to be a long, lost relative of someone and not a drug smuggler at all. Or, I suppose he could be a long, lost relative who is a drug smuggler, but the powers that be already pulled that one on us when they sprung Mr. Craig onto the scene.

Spinelli’s precarious health situation didn’t move me as much as I though it would. Usually I love everything dealing with our favorite geek, but I think he’s had too many close calls lately to get too ruffled.