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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for February 27 – March 2:

“General Hospital” continued to impress with realistically heartbreaking scenes in the aftermath of Robin’s death. Viewers were also treated to two more fan favorite returns and the arrival of another transplant from Llanview. A couple of other things happened as well, so let’s break it down.

More fallout.
There were so many great scenes last week as news of Robin’s death continued to spread across the canvas. Patrick and Anna have been the most impressive to watch, as their reactions have been so real with the histrionics kept to a bare minimum. Honorable mentions must go to Epiphany during her pep talk to Patrick and Spinelli in his quiet pain and support as he broke the news to Maxie. The simple scenes between Sam and Sonny at the hospital and Luke and Anna at Kelly’s also deserve shout outs. So much fantastic work drawing the audience in and keeping them in the moment.

Not the best choice.
While his struggle was understandable, there was never really any doubt Patrick would operate on Jason without throwing the surgery. But why would Sam, Monica and the hospital board allow him to? He lost his wife mere moments before cutting into the man he blamed for her death. Surely, Sam, Sonny and the Quartermaines have enough money to fly in a specialist, who was not in shock over losing the love of their life, to take Patrick’s spot in the O.R.

Low point.
It was nice to see Holly breeze in to save her son, but that was the only positive thing to happen in the Wyndemere storyline. There was hope for Helena’s cartoonish villainy to be restored to something greater when she killed her daughter Cassandra without batting an eye. Sadly, she proceeded to lose all credibility when she listened to Holly for two days, as she tried to convince her not to kill Ethan because he wasn’t a Spencer. Thankfully, that recent history wasn’t rewritten, but why would Helena even care whose biological son he was? Luke loves Ethan like a son. That should have been good enough for her to slay Luke’s beloved Dodge in front of him. This painful storyline was once again the momentum killer in an otherwise emotionally griping week.