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We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with “General Hospital’s” Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli. Please keep in mind that the wardrobe is purchased months before the episodes air, therefore some items may no longer be available.

Michele: Who designed Maxie’s black and white necklace from December 7?

A: Maxie’s necklace is by American Eagle Outfitters.

Lisa: Where can I find Kate’s white ruffle coat when she went to Bensonhurst with Sonny?

A: Kate’s white ruffle coat is by Tahari.

Connie, Marsha: Where can I find Robin’s grey sparkly scarf from the week of December 12?

A: Robin’s scarf is by Zara.

Paula: Who designed Sam’s black and white plaid button down from December 14?

A: Sam’s shirt is by Shirt.

Deanna, Karen, Jenny, Elizabeth, Lili: Where can I find Maxie’s coat and hat from the week of December 12?

A: Maxie’s coat is Tibi her hat is from Forever 21.

Liz, Katie: What brand are Sam’s boots from December 12 – 20 when she helped Michael through Abby’s death?

A: Sam’s boots are by Elizabeth and James.

Mandy: Who designed Kate’s black coat, necklace and sweater that she wore on December 19?

A: Kate’s coat is DKNY. Her sweater is Tahari. Her necklace is from Santee Alley.

Mandy: Who designed Elizabeth’s light brown top and pink coat that she wore on December 19?

A: Elizabeth’s coat is by Plastic Island her sweater is by Knitted and Knotted.

Georgene: What is the brand name of the leather jacket that Carly wore on December 14?

A: Carly’s coat is by Mike Gonzales.

Liz, Kristen: Where did you find Sam’s black jacket from December 12 – 20?

A: Sam’s black jacket is by Doma.

Kathy: Can you tell me if you have a pattern for the multicolor scarf Elizabeth wore on December 21?

A: Liz’s scarf is by Lucky Brand.

Renee: Who makes the red sweater Elizabeth wore on December 21?

A: Elizabeth’s sweater is See by Chloe.

Pauletta: Where can I find Maxie’s earrings from December 15?

A: Maxie’s earrings are by Forever 21.

Dodie: Where can I get the sweater Sam wore on December 26?

A: Sam’s sweater is by Free People

Jen, Chris: Where can I get the blue, flowy top worn by Lulu on December 27?