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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for January 9 – 13:

Last week was an emotional roller coaster for ABC soap fans. “One Life to Live’s” final week on network TV obviously set a sad tone, but that blow was cushioned a little by news of Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms returning to Port Charles, as well as a few actors migrating from One Life to Live to General Hospital. Even though we’re mourning the loss of yet another soap opera, there are some exciting things to look forward to. Let’s break down what happened and what’s to come on “General Hospital.”

A super soap?
The addition of “One Life to Live” characters to “General Hospital” is not only a gift (consolation prize?) to fans of the canceled soap, but it will ideally give the remaining ABC Daytime drama a ratings a boost. And let’s face it, with the possibility of “General Hospital” getting replaced by Katie Couric in the fall, the show needs every bit of help it can get. But, if they’re going to start combining “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital,” should they include “All My Children” as well? There are several Port Charles residents who could leave and no one would probably care, but, should “General Hospital” fill those slots with fan favorites from the recently canceled soaps, or strictly stick to “GH’s” rich cast of characters? Tell us what you think. Should ABC soaps combine?

Hit over the head.
Obviously, they’re trying to heighten Sam’s anguish over possibly being pregnant with Franco’s baby, but they’re really pushing this “a child is the most incredible thing a woman can experience” thing. We get it. Sam’s torn. Stop with the heavy-handedness.

The end?
Speaking of Franco, Jason shot him and presumably left him to burn in his studio as it went up in flames. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Franco crawled out of the fire in time, but it would probably be best if he never resurfaced. Franco was an interesting experiment at first, but his subsequent appearances have become less and less entertaining. A villain who doesn’t interact with the cast is not compelling. We’ve already got Helena lurking around not talking to anyone and Jax hiding in the shadows, also not speaking. We’re actually invested in those characters and even that’s testing our patience. So, let’s cut our losses with Franco.

Knowing what she speaks of?

Could Kate have a child out there? Sonny keeps telling her that she doesn’t know what it’s like to have a child when she tries to give him parenting advice. She then gets weird and emotional. It’s a heck of a lot more subtle than Sam’s baby drama, but it does lead one to wonder.