New and improved? (

“General Hospital” weekly rundown for January 2 – 6:

Nothing of too much consequence happened on “General Hospital” last week, but it did provide some food for thought and decent moments. Let’s break it down.

Welcome addition.
While newbies Maggie and the Woman in White haven’t made much of an impression, Ewen is another story. His onscreen presence is totally engaging and despite the silliness of him prompting the hospital staff to stare at ceilings, he seems to have an interesting perspective on life that isn’t portrayed as over the top or campy. It would appear he also has a secret or two as evidenced by his conversation with Molly and odd interaction with Sam at Kelly’s. Unless the soap world is out of whack, his making a point to wish Sam a good day at the diner must mean something. He’s also the Woman in White’s doctor and probably Elizabeth’s hero. No matter what he’s got going on though, the ride he’s taking us on is welcomed.

Soaps like to recycle their stories and it feels like that’s what is happening with Steve and Maggie. Patrick just got rid of his crazy ex who came to town and expressed a longing for the days of old. Hopefully, Steve will keep in mind how that turned out and keep his pants on around the latest history obsessed doctor.

Becoming an adult.

While there doesn’t seem to be any real reason for Spinelli to have lost his cyber skills, he does seem to have gained a bit of maturity. His actions, speech and dress all seem to have graduated a level. He even finally moved out of the regrettably pink room. It’s a bit puzzling though why he would want to put himself through living with Maxie, but at least she had one unselfish moment and turned him down in order to spare him the pain of witnessing her and Matt’s “sexy time,” as she so childishly put it. With Maxie preoccupied and the Woman in White seemingly slated for Ethan, maybe someone from the FOS will become a love interest for The Jackal.

Trying not to jinx it.

It’s been a whole week and Dante and Lulu are still happy. This must be some kind of post wedding record in Port Charles. Let’s hope it continues, because they really are adorable together and at least one couple deserves to be happy on “General Hospital.”