(Photo courtesy of NoSoup4You)

We asked and boy did we receive! With so many General Hospital fan events going on this summer, Soaps.com asked lucky fans who were able to attend to share the wealth on our Message Board. A prolific poster named “NoSoup4you” did just that, times three!, and just to make sure you all see it, we’re posting the transcripts here for you. The event in question took place in New York City over the weekend of July 26 and 27. Fans and actors gathered at the Marriott East Side on Lexington Avenue and did what people do at fan events – get to know each other.

NoSoup4You’s first event was Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) from 6:00 to 9:00 PM on a Saturday evening and here’s what she shared with Soaps.com:

“Bradford was soooooo animated and excited to be at the event. I don’t think he ever sat except for at the autograph signing…..he was all over the stage, very theatrical. He hopped around and was nothing but pure energy (might have been the 2 Redbulls he was drinking). His hair was long like Spinelli’s and he kept running his 2 hands through consistently. He wore an orange and white stripped faded polo with dark blue jeans.

One of the first questions he was asked was about the first scene shared between Dr. Hunter and Spinelli…”

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Apparently NoSoup had a big night out afterwards, yet made it back to the Marriott bright and early Sunday morning for Kelly Monaco’s event. Here’s the recap of that event that took place from 9:00 AM to Noon:

“Yes, 9 am. But even after my night in the city I made it on time! Her event was with Greg Vaughan aka Lucky. Kelly was sooooo beautiful and tiny. Greg made jokes about having to film shirtless scenes next to her and feeling insecure b/c she is in such good shape.

Kelly wore her hair down, and it looked darker then usual, she was also very tan. She was dress in a white tank top (black bra) and high-wasted jean skirt. She was also sporting some high-healed sandals and large silver hoop earrings.”

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