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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for December 19 – 23:

After months of dark stories, “General Hospital” finally lightened things up for Christmas. Aside from Liz, who struggled with Lucky leaving, and Lucky, who abandoned his kids in order to search for something, Friday’s episode was downright upbeat. The Qs got snarky with each other, but that’s what they do, and Tracy eventually felt the holiday spirit, even if she wasn’t the one to leave the gifts under the tree. Jason and Sam let go of Franco for the day and basked in their love, Robin and Patrick had a loving family celebration and Dante and Lulu had a wonderfully romantic wedding. It was a good episode to send us off into the holiday weekend, unlike the GH Thanksgiving episode, but it was also a huge reminder that the core families of Port Charles are dwindling. Let’s break it all down.

A quiet affair.
Even though Olivia was the only recognizable character in attendance, Lulu and Dante’s wedding was pretty perfect. Nothing threatened it from happening, Lulu didn’t feel the need for liquid courage, and there were no second thoughts. Lante was happy, romantic and fun. Everything that made them a good couple to begin with. Even the atypical priest, who would be a welcome addition to Port Charles, and Olivia’s gushing added some entertainment to the festivities. Despite no one being there to sit on Lulu’s side of the aisle, it was a highly satisfying soap wedding.