As promised, today I’ll share the rest of what Bradford and I chatted about in our first (phone) interview together. If you missed Part I or Part II, you’ll want to read them for sure. I asked Bradford what a lot of us have been wondering since Jason Cook joined General Hospital. How does he feel about sharing Kirsten Storms (since Jason played her love interest when they both were on Days of our Lives). “Well, I mean, as a friend of hers I was excited for her. I was a little curious as to what would happen to the Maxie/Spinelli story though. I always have full faith in our writers and am not nervous that the rug will get pulled out from under me. Jason will be a good addition in a lot of ways.” Very nice response, wouldn’t you say? And truly sincere, I might add. He did confess to being a little possessive of Maxie, however.

I told Bradford it seems that Spinelli has chemistry with any of the crushes that he shares screen time with. When he was all a twitter over “The Blonde One” (Lulu), it worked for me. When he escorted “Fair Leyla” to the wedding, it worked for me. I attribute it to the fact that “The Jackal” is all heart. Hence, wherever his heart goes his fans will follow. “That’s good to know,” Bradford told me.

Both of Bradford’s parents are back east. His mother lives in Washington D.C. and his father lives in New Hampshire (where Bradford was born). His older sister also lives in D.C. Her work is “…a much more noble cause” (according to Bradford); she works to benefit developing countries. He told me that his family, “…has been supportive from day one in terms of this crazy career I’ve chosen. They’re proud without having too much pride if that makes any sense. I mean, this job could go away at any point.”