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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for December 12 – 16:

“General Hospital” continued to spiral down the dark path it’s been on lately, with the exception of one bright spot. As we cling to hope that things will become more upbeat, let’s break down what happened in Port Charles last week.

Like father, like son.
Lucky basically just learned Aiden was his son and he has another son, Cameron, who could use a dad, yet his idea of good parenting is to keep leaving town. Wouldn’t it be nice if Elizabeth had that option? I guess maybe checking into Shadybrook to get over a lost love is her version of that. It’s a pretty sad reflection on Lucky that he continues to leave his kids just like Luke does and on Elizabeth that she can’t function without her high school sweetheart. Hopefully, this Ewen character will bring some love and light into Liz’s life. Lord knows she could use some fun.

Old friends.

When his head wasn’t ready to explode, Jason shared some really fantastic scenes with Robin, when she asked him to help her disappear. Of course, Robin’s timing was a little off, since he was in lockup and all, but it was great to watch the old friends connect over the past and Robin’s current situation. Even though Jason originally told her no, he later called to say he would be there for her whatever she needed. Did you expect anything less? However, with Finola Hughes returning to GH as Anna, it leads one to wonder if she will be the one to help her daughter skip out. Now, Robert just needs to return as well, because if anyone can, and should, help Robin, it’s him and Anna.

Left behind.

As for Patrick, Robin leaving town to “die” seems to be the best option for the character’s exit. As Twitter poster FuzzyTomato pointed out, there is no way for Robin to leave without breaking Patrick and Emma’s hearts, but if Patrick thinks she’s dead, he can grieve and eventually move on in an acceptable manner to the viewers. Not that Scrubs fans want him to, but to keep his character interesting, he has to find a new love interest. Hopefully, he’ll look further than Maggie. Not feeling that one. In addition, it leaves the door open for Robin to return. No matter how Robin leaves though, it will likely break the viewers’ hearts right along with her husband’s and child’s.