Now that Georgie’s room at Mac’s house has been rented out, thought it was time to check up on what her portrayor, Lindze Letherman, has been up to since leaving General Hospital earlier this year. In a word, “strike.” Make that, Strike TV. According to Lindze’s official newletter, the actress will be appearing on the newly launched website which showcases original shortform programs from Hollywood writers with credits such as “The Office”, “Die Hard” and “Malcolm in the Middle”. According to a press release for the site, “Strike.TV is the first ever online network created by Hollywood storytellers that brings original, high-quality video entertainment to the world.” It goes to say that the site “…gives creative freedom to the creators.” On deck are more than 40 programs including comedies, dramas and even a game show. Some of the shows will be serials and others stand as a complete entity.

Lindze also dropped by the GH Fan Club Weekend earlier this month and was wowed by the warm reception that she received. On her website she wrote, “I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your support since I have been gone. I didn’t know what sort of reaction I was going to get from the fans when I went to the “Past Cast” event at Fan Club Weekend… WOW!!! That is all I have to say! I was so nervous to even attend the event. That all went away once I walked out and was nearly blown back by the wonderful reaction I received! THANK YOU so much!” is happy to hear that Lindze is thriving and doing well. If any of you catch her on Strike.TV, be sure to open a thread in our GH Message Board and tell us all about it.