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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for December 5 – 9:

A lot of mysteries are surrounding Port Charles these days, making things a heck of a lot more interesting since nothing is exactly what it seems. Let’s get right to breaking down what happened in Port Charles last week.

Anyone’s guess.

Friday’s episode where the cops gathered all the suspects in Lisa’s murder was the first time this storyline got interesting. While it didn’t really accomplish anything, it was fun to watch them all panic and wonder who could have killed the crazy doctor. At the moment there is no obvious suspect, which keeps the partygoers and viewers on their toes. However, there were a couple issues to take with the roundup. First of all, it was hard to believe Maxie would have thrown her beloved cousin Robin under the bus in order to deflect suspicion. Secondly, it seems like a conflict of interest for the police commissioner to lead the investigation when his niece and daughter are prime suspects. Same goes for detective Dante Falconeri, whose mother looks pretty guilty as well. Lastly, Ronnie needs to sit this one out if only because his obnoxious accusatory demeanor has grown old.

Mystery within a mystery.
After disappearing for a week, Matt resurfaced in time for the suspect round up. As mentioned above, Maxie went to great lengths to cover for Matt, including asking local mobster Anthony Zacchara for help in doing so. It seems a long way to go for someone she merely seems to have to a good time with and doesn’t necessarily love. Speaking of, why does Spinelli take her abuse when she clearly only uses him for help with Matt? It’s kind of pathetic to watch.

Echoing the fans.
Even though I’m not enjoying Lulu and Dante’s current turmoil, the pain both of them are feeling is evident and realistically portrayed. It was definitely welcomed to hear Spinelli point out how bold Lulu used to be and for her to wonder aloud what had happened to make her play things so safely. Hopefully that was a wakeup call and she’ll stop moping around, reunite with Dante and get her crap together.