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“General Hospital” weekly rundown for November 28 – December 2:

Some big behind the scenes changes were made last week, as some interesting developments occurred onscreen. Let’s get right to it and break it all down.

Regime change.
The biggest thing to happen to “General Hospital” last week was the news that Ron Carlivati was hired as the new Head Writer and Frank Valentini would be taking over as Executive Producer. Hopefully, this move is a show of support from TPTB and the “One Life to Live” duo weren’t hired to write the remaining ABC soap’s end story. While we wait to see which way it shakes out, what kind of Port Charles storylines would you like to see Carlivati and Valentini write?

How will Robin go out?

It’s all speculation at this point, but with the way her story is playing out right now, many fans seem to think Robin will die when Kimberly McCullough leaves General Hospital early next year. It would be tough to take if that’s the way it happens, because as someone on Twitter pointed out, Robin’s story is one of living with HIV, not dying from it. Additionally, while there would no doubt be some incredibly heart wrenching performances involved should the character die, there’s enough gloom and doom in Port Charles. We don’t need more. Tuesday’s episode of Robin and Patrick discussing her fears surrounding her disease was some of the most heartfelt, true moments they’ve had in a long time, but that’s where it should end. To honor the story and the dedicated fans who have followed her journey, Robin should successfully come through her latest crisis and leave the show alive and well.

Be afraid.
When Shawn worried for Carly’s safety because she was at work and too accessible to Franco, she declared that she wouldn’t live in fear. With Franco’s track record, she might want to rethink that. Not to mention, if she wasn’t afraid of him, then why did she crash Jason and Sam’s honeymoon in Hawaii? Her sudden carefree attitude is unrealistic especially since Franco just sent Carly gifts she thought were threats against Josslyn. It’s not exactly great parenting to be so cavalier about a psycho murderer stalking you and your daughter.